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About a month ago I was sent this book to do a review on. I thought it would be an appropriate thing to read considering that my family is gearing up for our first year as a homeschool family. Where do I start? How do I do this? Will I mess my kids up? How am I going to give them the education they need? Most importantly, how on earth am I going to give them an education and still teach them the ways of The Lord through their studies? So Kimberly Williams graciously sent me this book. Man-oh-man have mine eyes seen the light.

Being a mom going into our first year of homeschooling, fear is overwhelming. There is the curriculum to decide on, trying to figure out the way your children learn, patience, time, schedule, did I mention patience? There’s also a changing of the heart that needs to take place. A change that says “Lord, I know that I can’t do this on my own. I am weak. You, however, are strong. And your strengths are made perfect in my weakness. Guide me, Oh Lord, down your straight paths. Change my heart to be obedient to your calling of teaching my children. This is not of me, but of you, Lord, and you are faithful.” That’s been one of my many prayers.

In this book, Kimberly discusses the biblical mandate of our homes, the structures, perspectives, fundamentals, practicalities, results, distinction, and so many more things that are more than relevant to every family, not just homeschooling families. In the opening, she says “We are losing our children.” And we are. We have allowed the government, schools, and even churches take over in the raising of our children. We take them to church every Sunday, send them to school, make sure they’re fed and bathed and have a roof over their head and we are good, right? Wrong. It is not the job of the schools, churches or government to raise our children. It is ours, and ours alone to do under the direction of The Lord.

It’s much more than raising our children, though. It’s about discipleship. It’s about teaching them how to be followers and doers of the Word, not to be merely idol and do nothing. And discipleship is not something that is going to happen overnight. It takes time, patience, energy, diligence, and strength. All of those things will surely come to us, if we are feeding our own relationship with The Lord. It’s not enough to just sit and read casually and pray when something goes wrong. We need to make it our business to let our children catch us reading, studying, praying, seeking, yearning, loving The Lord. We need to make it our business to teach them His Word and truths all throughout the days and while we have them here. We are the ones who were given to the children to show them Who He is and how to seek His face. If we don’t live by our own teaching, then we are not teaching at all. Rather we are speaking blindly into the air in hopes that some particle of what we are saying will stick on our children all throughout their lives.

This book has encouraged me to really seek out in my heart where I’m at as a Christian parent to determine if I’m being beneficial or detrimental to my children. The practical applications after each chapter were genius, and they caused a stirring in my heart to continue to press onward toward the task given to me by The Lord. What stuck out to me the most from this book is the closing quote.

Discipleship is a real sacrifice; It is more than giving children an education and it is more than teaching good morals. The discipleship process is pouring our lives into another person.”

I recommend this book as a must read for ALL new and seasoned homeschool moms/dads alike. It has given me such hope for this journey, and I feel it would be a good reminder to the seasoned parents out there to what the goal is. Stay strong in The Lord, parents. Little eyes are watching you, and little ears can hear.

If you’d like to own a copy of this awesome book, you can pick it up here with discount code U9KNMTVM for 20% off, or here on amazon. Go get your copy today!

Before you go, though, head on over here and see a glimpse of the book.

Blessings to you all!


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